Naum Estevez Criminal Defense


All of the hand-picked attorneys at Naum Estevez have successfully handled and won criminal defense cases. We pride ourselves on having significant backgrounds in criminal defense. The reason this makes us special and uniquely qualified to handle your case is that you have a team of attorneys prepared to defend your rights. Practicing criminal law necessarily puts an attorney in front of a judge, in a courtroom, up to 5 days a week. When the Commonwealth of Virginia charges you with a crime, you need the best attorneys to protect and defend you in the courthouse. And when you are asked to take a plea deal or go to trial, you need to make sure you have experienced trial attorneys prepared to follow through on the right decision for you. We prepare necessary motions. We present our cases to judges and juries. The trial attorneys at Naum Estevez are your counsel when you need it the most.

We know that our clients are under great pressure and stress when they consult with us regarding their pending criminal investigation or charges. When you meet with us, rest assured that the information you provide to us is privileged communication that cannot be used against you in court. As such, to get the most out of your consultation, provide your attorney with the most accurate and detailed case information you have so that your personalized consultation gives you the best advice possible. While you will hear from us that we cannot provide guarantees about the outcome of your case, you will leave a consultation with us informed and knowledgeable about the possible outcomes you can expect your case.



•       Serious Traffic and Infractions
•        Reckless Driving
•       DUI/DWI Defense
•      Theft, Larceny and Embezzlement
•        Obstruction of Justice
•        Possession of Marijuana
•        Possession of Narcotics
•       Gun Charges
•       Distribution of Drugs
•        Assault and Battery
•       Domestic Assault
•       Unlawful and Malicious Wounding
•       Child Abuse and Neglect
•       Sexual Abuse
•       Computer Crimes
•       Murder
•       Forfeiture
•       Expungement
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