Proven Dedication To Our Clients

Proven Dedication To Our Clients


When choosing a trial attorney for your case, a lawyer should be able to point to recent trials and discuss them with you. Awards show an attorney’s reputation in the community but if the attorney has not won a DUI/DWI trial recently, you may want to seek representation that is currently winning trials. Like speaking a different language – if you don’t use it; you lose it. Same with trial DUI/DWI attorneys. The more often an attorney is in trial zealously representing clients and winning, the sharper the attorney is for handling various trial issues.

November 2, 2017

DUI 1st .17 Dismissed

Our client was charged with DUI 1st in Prince William County with an elevated BAC .15 < .20. The officer testified at trial and the defense team played the body camera footage of the encounter. The video did not match the officer’s account of the facts. The client spoke clearly, did not appear to have bloodshot/glassy eyes and was stable when standing, walking and doing the field sobriety tests. We challenged whether there was probable cause to arrest and the judge determined the client’s 4th Amendment right to unreasonable searches and seizures was violated. Case Dismissed.

October 3, 2017

DUI 1st, Unreasonable Refusal and Speeding Tickets Nolle Prosequi at Trial

In Fairfax County, our client was stopped for allegedly speeding. He pulled over and the officer conducted a series of field sobriety tests. This was a situation where the officer was not prepared to testify at trial. He did not know how to proper administer field sobriety tests, did not properly take notes and provide them, did not fill out the paperwork correctly and overall was unable to articulate in any meaningful way what made him think our client was intoxicated. At the conclusion of the Commonwealth’s case, the defense made a motion to strike the Commonwealth’s evidence and the prosecutor agreed and decided to Drop All Charges.

September 7, 2017

DUI 1st .12 Not Guilty

After being found guilty in Culpeper General District Court, our client decided to appeal to the Circuit Court. We were able to use the information from the first trial’s transcript to prepare for the new trial in Culpeper Circuit Court. In this case, the officer was not honest about his training in the first trial. We were able to investigate and research the officer’s training to discover the truth. This new information put his credibility in question when looking at the central issue of the case which was whether there was alcohol influence on the client before or after operation of the vehicle. At this bench trial, the judge found our client Not Guilty.

August 17, 2017

DUI 1st .15 Dismissed

In Prince William County General District Court, our client to go to trial to determine whether or not a judge would find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. During the trial, it was clear from the officer’s testimony that there was an additional set of notes that were not produced. Additionally, these notes appeared to be very important because he was unable to clearly testify on the stand about what occurred with our client without a different set of notes. The defense objected to this testimony on Brady grounds, among other, and at the conclusion of the arguments, the court Dismissed the Case.

April 27, 2017

DWI 2nd Offense and Driving on Suspended 3rd Offense – All Not Guilty

In Fairfax County, our client had been working with another attorney. When the client decided to change attorneys, we were happy to step in. In this case, there was a video of the encounter and a blood test. The blood was taken from our client in violation of his 4th Amendment rights without a search warrant and therefore it was not admitted into evidence at trial. The video showed the truth about my client’s speech, ability to walk, ability to complete the field sobriety tests, and my client’s overall sobriety. At the close of all evidence, the judge found our client Not Guilty